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Find out natural ways how to cure flu, how to cure sore throat, how to cure cough, and remedies for running nose. 

Are you not tired of relying on antibiotics and medication to get well from an infection ?

Learn which flu remedies work better and how combining remedies can help you get well even faster.

Blocked nose, eye sore, fever, chills, running nose, or feeling tired or weak can really wear you down and cause chaos to your daily activities.

how to cure flu

Even without medication, most people recover in less than two weeks amid various degrees of discomfort.  Each person's body and level of immunity is different as well the type of infection, as such how each recovers may defer.

Flu can have higher risk of serious complications or being life threatening for elderly people, new born babies or those with chronic illness, and those with impaired immune systems. In these cases, it may be safer to take both the doctor's prescription and flu remedy to minimise symptoms and recover more quickly.

How to cure flu ? Many people often seek antibiotics, antihistamines, and over the counter medications. However, some of these prescribed medications are only to relief symptoms.

It is more important to face what causes the flu rather than about how to cure flu symptoms, more crucial is how your body can fight off the invaders and how you can assist your body to do that.


Risk of taking Antibiotics and OTC medications

antibiotics side effects

Potential long term side effects of continually relying on antibiotics, antihistamines or over the counter medications need to be weighed and reconsidered.

Read more on antibiotic and OTC risk ...

It's good to start trying natural flu remedies and supplements that ancients have relied on and it had worked for them  even before the onset of some of these modern medicines.  

Once you embark on this journey, you'll be pleasantly surprised how effective some of these flu remedies are. Each person's journey varies, and it may seemed daunting at first.  It is a journey of wonderful discoveries if you're willing to explore and give it a try.

how to treat flu

My Journey    


Through the years, I've read, search and tried many remedies and let go of each of these medication when I've found remedies that worked well. I have arrived at the point where I've comfortable and have not relied on prescribe or over the counter medications for more than 10 years.

Once I started, I realised I seldom even get flu. Only in rare instances like when rushing projects and insufficient sleep, and very tired. Even then, by relying on these natural food and supplements, I have recovered from flu much faster and with minimal symptoms. 

how to boost immune system

Sometimes if I feel the early signs like chills or running nose etc, and quickly boost up my arsenal of flu remedy and food that boost the immune system.  Often to my delight I find further onset does not result or take hold.




It is a journey and I hope you'll join me and discover this wonderful journey too.

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By Chris Chew.



Had a very bad and lengthy case of flu, cough, sore throat.  

Then, I tried the bee propolis and aloe vera suggested here, it worked so well and help me recovered so quickly, what a relief ! 

Unexpected bonus, no more constipation, turns out the aloe vera had so many healing properties and benefits.

Highly recommended.  

- Kuan Heong C. - 

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